What we’ve been up to…

A Portfolio Career in the Visual Arts

Twt Productions was recently invited by the Arts Council of Wales to create an interactive PDF to host 30 films to publicise the myriad of fantastic opportunities available to young people in the visual arts.

The Arts Council selected 15 creatives to film themselves talking about their work. The challenge for us was to work with these talented creatives on their content and to encourage their filming skills.

We created 2 PDF’s for the client; one Welsh and one English. All films were subtitled in both languages.

The PDF was designed by Gafyn Jones at Mwstard Ltd and the Films were edited by Scott at Next Level Production.

Twt also produced a multi platform promo to coincide with the campaign




Caru Canu 2 on Cyw

Ji Geffyl Bach;  Mi Welais Long yn Hwylio; Pen, Ysgwyddau, Coesau Traed; Bili Broga…If you and your children enjoy listening to, and watching lovely animated lullabies and nursery rhymes – both traditional and modern –  then you’re sure to enjoy the new series of Caru Canu.

Animated wonderfully by Picl Animation Animation students at Cardiff Met University, you can watch the series every Wednesday morning on Cyw, or anytime you like on Clic and the iplayer.

10 of the new songs can now be found on YouTube, with more to follow next month.


Chons da, Kara Kana

Songs from S4C’s popular nursery songs and rhyme series, ‘Caru Canu’ have been acquired by Skrin Kernow / Screen Cornwall and will be re-versioned from Welsh to Cornish production company, Bosena.

5 songs from the series will be available to view on Vimeo as part of Speak Cornish Week, which takes place from June 20-28.


Twt Productions is delighted and can’t wait to hear the songs sung in another beautiful Celtic language.

We wish the week every success, “Chons da!”

It’s raining, it’s pouring

With the relentless rain, we’re delighted to have been able to stay indoors these past few weeks. Casting and voice directing is where we’ve been at; for JM Creative, Welsh Government, Booktrust Cymru and BBC Learning.
We’ve read gorgeous books, learnt about the Future Generations Act and lots of GCSE stuff – every day’s a day for learning….well, not for everyone at Twt Productions!