Caru Canu on Cyw

Aug 20, 2019

Twt productions’ newest series, Caru Canu (‘Love to Sing’) kicks off on Cyw on August 28th.

This gorgeous animated series gives youngsters an opportunity to watch and sing along to traditional and contemporary nursery rhymes whilst learning about animals, movement, numbers and the weather.  And to those that need a little “quiet time’, there are lullabies to help them sleep.

Twt Productions has been very fortunate to have been given permission to use Melin Tregwynt’s iconic and gorgeous textiles to give the series a bespoke look. 

Design, storyboarding, and directing was taken care of by Gary Hurst and Hurst Animation.

We are delighted to have given BA Animation students at the Cardiff Met an opportunity to work on some episodes under the guidance of local animation company, Picl Animation who took the series from animation through to delivery for us.  The songs are beautifully sung by Tom Blumberg, Daniel Lloyd, Elain Llwyd, Miriam Isaac and Mabli Tudur and arranged by the super-talented Dyfan Jones